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What is the purpose of this site?

For all users, it provides a place to view a large number of websites, get ideas, and leave comments and ratings of sites you like or dislike. For website owners it provides two basic things you can always use for your site: First, some opinions on the design, content and usefulness of your site. Second, we provide some exposure to bring visitors to your site. Whether you just built your website, or it has been online for years, you can always use constructive comments, and increased visits!

What are the benefits of posting my site?

  • You will get added exposure and hits to your website.

  • You get constructive feedback that can help you make your site better for the target audience - your users. 

  • If your site is rated highly, it could stay on the homepage in the "Top 5" indefinitely.

  • After cycling through the homepage, your site will be archived in the proper category, where you will have a permanent backlink. This site is projected to continue having a good PR rank so it will be a quality link.

  • Our site is indexed daily by Google, Yahoo, and MSN, so submitting your site is a quick way to get indexed by the major search engines.

What are the negatives of posting my site?

Well, if you can't take constructive feedback, you might not like some comments :)

What sites do you accept?

Pretty much any site, as long as it's not porn, warez, or illegal in nature.

Why don't users have to register to rate or comment?

We have found that you will get many more comments and ratings if users are not required to register first. Although we don't censor comments, we do reserve the right to remove comments that are offensive.

How does my submission move through your site?

You start in the prime, upper left center position. Then you cycle down through the top 15 on the homepage as new sites are added. If you site is rated in the top 5, it will move to that section for as long as it continues to rate highly. If it rates in the bottom 3 it will move into that section. Otherwise it moves permanently into the category that you picked when you submitted. It is still cycled through the rotation if a user hits the “next site” button, wherever the location.

What is this RateBot™ rating next to my site?

RateBot is our custom script that checks your site for many different factors, and then assigns a number value with 0 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. While we won’t reveal our secret rating system, it checks many variables such as code structure, design, and the relevance of your site on the web.

Does the RateBot™ rating have any affect on the top 5 or bottom 3 sections?

No, the only ratings that are counted are user’s ratings of your site. The RateBot rating is just for fun

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